. Ready Holmes? .


Loovus/ Sherlock Wool Trousers *New@ PENUMBRA Sneak Peek Event
Loovus/ holmes Cardigan *New@ PENUMBRA Sneak Peek Event
Truth/ Hollana hair- Driftwood
New Faces/ Diana skin- summer

* PENUMBRA Sneak Peek Event
* Loovus Main Store

.Nyu Leaves Me FaMESHed.


NYU/ Knit Dress- Beige *FaMESHed
Garbaggio/ Clear Side Pumps- Nude
LAMB/ Halo hair- Ombre
Mons/Eyeshadow WildLight- nude
New Faces/ Diama skin- summer

.A Look Of The Day.


Gizza/ Suede blazer- black *NEW
Monso/ Yong hair- Dark Blonde
LaGyo/ Helen earrings/
Mons/ Eyeshadow Dominant 2- brown
New Faces/ Diana skin- summer

.Long Like Lana.

The Look//

NV Corsetry Beyond/ Lana knitted gown- Wheat *NEW
GeWunjo/ Denny jewelry set *NEW
Belleza/ Yasmin skin -Med *NEW
EXILE/ Nomi hair- Roots Sunset

.Wrap Me In Gizza Suede.


Gizza/ Suede Blazer-Cream *NEW
Gizza/ Colorblock Pencil Skirt- Black *NEW
Belleza/ Yasmin Medium skin- *NEW
Spellbound/ Medusa hair- Brunette
GeWunjo/ Casey necklace- Gold
Garbaggio/ Bare Sandals- Nude


.OH! That David Heather!.

The Look//

David Heather/ Dezeen Corset- white
David Heather/ Tubino skirt- white
David Heather/ Gongini cuff-blood
Truth hair/ Feronia
Dahlinks/ Elizabeth Taylor Pearl diamond earrings
Mons/ Eyeshadow Wildlight/ Fearless lipstick
New Faces/ Natasha skin- summer

*David Heather
*New Faces

.Touring With Loovus.

The Look//

LD/ Touring Suit collar- Cobalt/Aur **
LD/ Touring Suit Jacket- Cypress **
LD/ Touring Suit Skirt- Cypress **
LD/ Vergara Heels- Sand
Soonsiki/ Kaleidoscope hair
Mandala/ Steking ears

**= The Fashion Collective


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