AZUL Angel!

Who says that there are no Angels? Well , according to Azul Icon, Mami Jewell, they exist and here is the proof-the “Angel” dress done in another shade of Coral!  I am becoming obsessed with this color and obviously for good reason!

 Is there anything Mami can’t do?  She designs, creates, imagines  and makes every singe nuance of a gown work together and it seems so effortless!  I am often in awe whenever she releases something new and yes I do say “Now why didn’t I think of that?” So thank you Mami for being amazing and to all of us, we need to run down and snatch this dress up FAST!



Author: Saleena Hax

Hello everyone! I am just a regular girl that loves some aspects of Second Life without making it my whole life! I met wonderful, talented, sincere souls here and they really make me smile to know they are in this world! I call everyone 'angel' because they are friends and some are friends I havent met yet! I hope I meet you soon and until then, many xoxo's

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