POE Hunt/ft. Prism Lucia!

Yep it is time for the Peace on Earth Hunt and it is the big “5” this year so make sure to get involved and check out the blog, the hunt and the items…omg..the items..Here is one I am presenting, its from design house “PRISM” and it is the Lucia..!

URBANLUTZ/Bobbi hair
Je Suis eternelle/earrings
HYATT Lencer/Bracelet
HYATT Sampoerna/Necklace
HUCCI Pump/Corner Red
VLADA/Lara Skin (new)



Author: Saleena Hax

Hello everyone! I am just a regular girl that loves some aspects of Second Life without making it my whole life! I met wonderful, talented, sincere souls here and they really make me smile to know they are in this world! I call everyone 'angel' because they are friends and some are friends I havent met yet! I hope I meet you soon and until then, many xoxo's

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