.INYT ftr. GHEE Aqua Swirl.

GHEE/Aqua Jumpsuit *INYT Exclusive
TRUTH/Denee *New
JESUIS/Eternelle ring
JESUIS/Voyante ring
SLINK/Mesh hands
FLAIR/nails *For Slink Enhancement Hands

I’m Not Your Toy

I’m Not Your Toy (INYT) goal is to raise funds to support non-profit organizations about child and woman abuse.   I’m Not Your Toy (INYT), new Second Life charity for children in foster and kinship care.

Founder and MUTYA [VM] VERO MODERO ELITE MODEL 2013 Lua Vendetta felt it important to choose a charity that benefited children.

I’m Not Your Toy (INYT) will have the first charity event in Second Life® in June and all donations will go to Associação Projecto Criar (http://projectocriar.blogspot.pt/).

The vision is for every child in foster and kinship care to feel safe and loved and that these special kids are empowered to create security and connection through healthy self-expression. The charity achieves this thorough the provision of inspirational creative arts programs that help kids develop confidence and healthy self-expression.  Thank you all for your support, together we can made the difference on an abused child life, no matter if was a long time or is now, people who was abused have a mark on their life and they need to know that they are not alone, here are people who care about them today and now.

For more info please visit us at:


Like us at:


Support us at:


Sponsored by:

*Vero Modero  *AD Creations Doll House  *AFI Designs  *Amarelo Manga  *BellaDona  *Bubble’s Designs *CRISTAL’S CREATION *Countdown *Catskillz *Desir *Epic Productions House *Ghee *ImaGe Factory * Jewelry by Jake* *LpD *Paisley Daisy *Posesion Poses *Prism *Purple Moon Decorations *RUSSH LUSSH *Stars! *[sYs] *!smesh *The Muse Poses *YOKANA *Zenshi and Zanze *7DS *{.LaZo.}Boo Kids & Designs


Author: Saleena Hax

Hello everyone! I am just a regular girl that loves some aspects of Second Life without making it my whole life! I met wonderful, talented, sincere souls here and they really make me smile to know they are in this world! I call everyone 'angel' because they are friends and some are friends I havent met yet! I hope I meet you soon and until then, many xoxo's

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