Finesmith Aphrodite Sky

Hello angels!  I have been promising my dearest Yula that I would blog this incredible set and I have been awful about not getting to it sooner so here I am to make it up to her and you all by showing you the “Aphrodite Inspiration Set in Sky” and let me tell you, everyone, this is one hell of a combination that seems to just touch on every base-Formal, Couture, Avante, Haute-  I just cant get enough of it and I am sure you will feel the same way so let’s dive in!

How many sets can offer you a helmet and still make you feel like  you SHOULD be wearing it?  I swear I would sleep in this thing if I could and I did try but sadly I couldnt add my hair to it and still carry it off lol  Yula really outdid herself on this one!  Lets keep droolin-uhh looking..umm reading? 

Now did I lie?  There are bracelets, earrings, collar and helmets And a ring too!  WHEW Almost too much goodness in this one set!  But dont let that stop you, head on over to FINESMITH and treat yourself to the SKY-Hey he can give you the moon but can he give you the sky?  Yula can!



Yay The House of Hax is now on WordPress until further notice so let me start getting caught up!  Today I have tons of Giereh to show you and trust me on this, ladies, it is some juicy 
goodness to be had!   Lets try this look i put together using nothing but GIEREH

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Here we have the [GIEREH] Destiny Pants in Cream topped off with the [GIEREH] SAMPLE BodySuit in Olive and yep the boots?  You know I love
boots and yes, these are the [GIEREH] Anny Fall Boots!  But thats not all…Know what else they have there?  Keep reading…

Hey you know I love boots!  These are awesome Crownly boots and they come in a cozy assortment of colors (shown here are the Pink and Orange) but they are
sure to fit any wardrobe you can throw at ’em! But thats not all…

Ohh yes..Bags upon Bags just for you, my dear readers!  Keep reading…

The Launne Bag too and look at that color assortment!  You can find anything that you may need for any event, formal or casual!
Well there you have it, fresh posts on WordPress from yours truly, Saleena Hax!

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