.Gizza, Keep Me Warm.

The Look/

Gizza/ Leather Jacket with Scarf- Brown *NEW
Gizza/ Preppy Skirt- Brown *NEW
Izzies/ Overknee Socks- Beige
Bax/ Prestige boots- Brown Suede
Le Primitif/ Armadillo Ring- Gold
Mons/ Black eyeliner
Mock/ L’eau lipgloss- Kenyan Copper


.Chanel and Pandas.

The Gear/

D. STYLE/ Heydra dress -panda
HAYSURIZA/ Michel2 -Glasses *NEW
VERSANI/ Chanel Perfume Bag -*NEW
GLAM AFFAIR/ Brandi America 01 G *NEW@ Cutie Moon Fair
ERRATIC/ twisted bracelets
MAGIKA/ Sudden
BAX COENS/ Prestige Suede boots