.Make Me Chase You.


Loovus// Chase Coat- Custard *NEW@ Couturiers Docks
Loovus// Solange Peeps- Sand
Nyu/ Minimal Ring
Vanity Hair/ Love After War hair- Hot Tea
Mons/ Eyeliner Cat- Brown


.The First Step Is The Hardest.


LOOVUS/ Chase Coat-Almond
LOOVUS/Delta Skirt- Sandstone
LD/ Solange Peeps shoes- Sand
BOON/ HYA209 hair- chestnut
FAUN/ Vintage Ferren Frames- Gold
NEW FACES/ Diana skin- summer

.Summer Lovin’.


*LpD*- Serena skirt- Orange *NEW@ Chapter Four
*LpD*- Serena top- Blue *NEW@ Chapter Four
New Faces- Solange (summer)- Blonde *NEW@ Chapter Four
LD- Signature Stilettos- Celosia *NEW@ Fashion Instruments
Maitreya- Siobhan- Strawberry Blonde
Kunglers- Bracelet- Golden
Agapee- Gown Poses

.My Look Of The Day.

The Look/

Tee*fy- Laura Unbuttoned- knotted shirt- Blue
Tee*fy- Leah High-waisted- skinny jeans
Vanity Hair- Cohimbra- Noisette
Leverocci- Plain Glasses- Brown
Epoque- What a Stud- earrings
LD- Solange Peeps- WC Print 2- Silver
New Faces- Solange (summer)- Blonde *New@ Chapter Four