.[STRIP’D] Felicity Silver *Exclusive

-[STRIP’D] Felicity/Silver (*exclusive)
-MONSTER/Hunter Rebel Youth Hair
-FINESMITH Alexandra/set
-N-CORE/Coquette Platform
-LA MALVADA MUJER/Cinema Muto #4




Okay as any model can attest, it is FRIGGIN awesome when an outfit or gown is named after you, it is a very high honor so you can imagine my bliss when one of SL’s hottest new designers, Valentine Rexen aka Sachy Rexen of [Strip’d] sent over his new release dubbed “Saleena Duffle Coat” …I couldn’t wait to try it on and when I did, it fit amazingly well PLUS there is a color-change HUD so I can colors with my moods!  So get out there and get [Strip’d], you will feel so much better! xoxo

-[Strip’d]/ Saleena Duffle Coat
-ISON/ girl panic boots
-AMOROUS/Fallen necklace
-DIESELWORKS/Model chair
-FINESMITH/ French Taupe nails
-NYU/Limited Edition Chino Pants/Milk


.[strip.d] down and dressed up.

-[strip’d] Leona Loose Sweater (comes with a color-change HUD)
-erratic silver cuff/bracelet
-IZZIE’s fishnet tights
-[whatever] stripper boots