/ The Season of Annex


The Annex- Button Down Shirt- Cranberry *The Season Story
The Annex- Gaucho Pants- Black *The Seasons Story
Vanity Hair- Love After War- Hot Tea *Vanity Hair
Modish- Floria skin- Skt03 *Modish
Attitude- Poses


.Annex Arborea Amazing!.


The Annex/ Arborea Gown *Fashiontropic
MG/ Summer Candy earrings *C88
Solidea Folie/ Pris Headpiece
La Malvada Mujer/ Jezebel N2
Corpus/ Fashion Series 1

.The Annex and The Willow.


The Annex/ Willow outfit- black *New@ Dark Style Fair
Boon/ DBH090 hair- blonde
Mons/ lipgloss- ombre red
Amala/ Round Shades
Mandala/ Takara bangle
Pure Poison- Black Inferno Heels
Corpus/ Poses- Fashion Series 1 *New Mainstore

.The Annex Has A Story.


The Annex/ Sandra Dee top *New@ The Seasons Story
The Annex/ Tulle skirt *New@ The Seasons Story
Mock/ makeups *Here
Hyatt/ Sirkle earrings
Hyatt/ Lame bracelet
Pure Poison/ Black Inferno heels *Here
Lelutka/ Lana hair- Praline *LeLutka
New Faces/ Dakota skin- summer *New Faces

.Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves.


The Annex/ Aunty Entity outfit *New@ The Secret Affair
Ryvolter/ Malin Thigh Highs *Here
Tableau Vivant/ Nyoki hair
Mandala/ Omimi stretched ears
La Malvada Mujer/ Cinema Muto #1